Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Trash Dance Excerpts

Trash Dance - excerpts from the performance from Andrew Garrison on Vimeo.
Sixteen trucks, 24 performers, over a space of two football fields, on an old airport runway behind Austin Studios. Choreographer Allison Orr spent a year collaborating with employees of the City of Austin Dept. of Solid Waste Services to make a dance performance she calls "The Trash Project." Filmmaker Andrew Garrison followed them for the year and assembled a crew to film the performance.

These are excerpts from the performance only. Look for the whole film, including interviews, garbage truck ride-outs, and verite footage with the performers in late 2010.

Performing employees from the City of Austin Solid Waste Services Department included: Virginia Alexander, Don Anderson, Cedric Armstrong, Mike Carnline, Tony Dudley, Chris Guerrero, Shiron Hill, Lee Houston, Ivory Jackson, Jr., Orange Jefferson, Shonda Johnson, Tafari Johnson, Greg Karo, Benny Ochoa, Anthony Phillips, Jennifer Saucedo, Ray Showels, Jason Smith, Mark Taylor, José Tejero, George Thompson, Gregg Thompson, Adam Valdez, and Gerald Watson.

Performance Film Crew included Diane Weidenkopf, Deb Lewis, Steve Mims, Ed Radtke, Steve Degennaro, Keith Wilson, Traci Duran, Kim Hall, Sara Masetti, Jessica Gardner, JeeHyun Dong, Nicole Licea, Roy Rutngamlug, Travis Benn,Tim Tsai, Amy Bench, Leah Ross, Jamie Cano, Patrick Wylie, Karlo Montano, Virginia McBrayer, Andrew Alden Miller, Ben Powell, Jordan Garcia, Drew Xanthopolous, Rogelio Salinas, Hamad Rizvi, and Patrick Smith.

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