Monday, August 23, 2010

Margot Sawyer
Last Thursday I shot 3 interviews for the Austin Museum of Art. For the first interview, we drove over to Elgin, TX to see Margot Sawyer, she was in an amazing brick building in downtown Elgin that she has converted into her studio/home. Margot was a very lovely host, and after the interview took us out to a great lunch at the Morelia Mexican cafe. I had the veggie enchiladas.

Cesar Martinez

Next, we traveled back to Austin and up to Laguna Gloria. Cesar Martinez drove up to meet us from San Antonio, where he lives and works. He is one of the pioneers of the Chicano movement. I thought this interview was going to be easy, but as soon as we started our sound guy, Napoleon Mitchell, informed me that we'd have to move because the air conditioner unit was unbearably loud. Naturally, I was pissed because I really liked his frame. However, we found another room in the museum that had way better sound and we started all over.

Charles Mary Kubricht
We rescheduled our last interview for later in the day because we really wanted to shoot Charles Mary Kubricht outside where we knew she'd be more comfortable. We really lucked out on her shoot for a lot of reasons. We were racing the light because I opted to not bring a light kit,we were shooting directly into the sun with no fill or reflector at all. So, I waited until the sun was just about to set before starting to roll. Then, the cicada came out, then it was rush hour on the water with boats coming in from every direction. But, I think the noises only helped to make Kubricht feel even more at ease during her interview, and we ended up getting just enough before it was completely dark and mosquitoes ate us.

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