Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Post Apocalyptic Space Movie Wrapped

I shot a short film called P.A.S.M. this weekend out at Austin Studios. We were able to shoot in stage 3 too, aka the big ass green screen, for principle photography. The movie takes place both in a space truck and on post apocalyptic earth. They encounter some strange things down on earth, and that's all I'll say. We finished up the shoot Sunday night with a few miniatures.  Below is the full scale model of the space buoy, created by John Berry and Bethany Price.  In the shot stands director Andrew Alden Miller 1, enjoying a nice cold Shiner after wrapping the cast and crew.


  1. Hey Ben,
    I collect post-apocalyptic short films on my blog (megaton.us/videos). Will yours be free and embeddable at some point?


  2. Perhaps. I'm sure we will have a trailer of sorts up soon. I'll be sure and send you the link.

    Thanks for considering!